Wednesday, December 28, 2011

ugly tree.

So, after Thanksgiving my parents and I went to cut our Christmas tree, just like we do every year. I didn't want to have to drive all the way to Cedar (especially since the short way was blocked by a landslide) and trudge through the snow to find a tree. So, I suggested we go to Pine Valley where there is no snow. In Pine Valley you can only cut Pinions and Junipers. My mom hates Juniper trees, so we were on the hunt for a Pinion. We found one that looked decent, and brought it home. (Well, my dad had to dig a lot to be able to cut it first) We got it in the house, and oh is UGLY. It is a round, flat topped tree:

So, we put an entire nativity on the top...

My dad had the tree undecorated by 2:00 Christmas day and outside our house by 5. It left sap ALL over the floor and was just a terrible mess. Lesson learned: never get a pinion pine for a Christmas tree. 

On Christmas Eve, dad rode his bike out to Zion so mom and I went to pick him up; we had to walk up to weeping rock and see if it was frozen. It wasn't as frozen as it has been in other years but it was still really pretty. 
Me and the parents:

It was really fun to talk to Ames and Kyle on Christmas. They are doing awesome and loving their missions!! If you want to read their emails you can HERE.