Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This is the new blogging trend...you copy the bold parts of the following sentences and fill them in. I'm kind of in love with this idea. And, I hardly ever blog anymore. And, I'm avoiding writing the prospectus I need to do because it is making me massively frustrated. So, sometimes....

I get weirdly excited about my roommate's art on etsy (pending). She is seriously the most amazing artist and everyone should see it. (Don't worry, I'll post a link as soon as it's up)

I feel overwhelmed with gratitude when I remember how lucky I am to be interviewing at grad schools with some of the smartest people I've ever met. 

I can't stop thinking about this HUGE decision I'm about to make, about grad school. 

I just want to eat fruit sours all day, every day. 

I am kinda a bad person and don't pay any attention to the presidential campaign

I wish I could dye my hair ...I don't. I love my hair color.  

I just don't understand the allure of The Bachelor. My roommate watches it and I just don't understand why people watch 20 bratty girls make out with 1 guy. Or why girls would put them in that situation. 

I can't believe how close I am to graduating. Less than 3 months. Eek. 

I strongly consider spending a lot of money on forgetting grad school and traveling the world.  

Now it's your turn! :)