Sunday, February 27, 2011

the world is a carousel of color!

(carousel of color!!)
How cool is THAT!? The World of Color show at California adventure is absolutely incredible. It was my favorite part of our Disneyland trip. It's a water show that has lots of shooting water like the picture and they project movie clips from almost every Disney movie on mists of water. Bubbles flew all over the audience during "Under the Sea" and Zurg was made completely of lasers. It was seriously the coolest thing I have ever seen. Totally worth waiting the first night for an hour and a half when they didn't do it because of wind and then another hour for the night we actually saw it. SO COOL! Everyone should see it before they die.

California Screamin'
In line for Toy Story Mania (SO fun!-I was the first one on the ride on Monday morning!)
being artsy at the beach.
this was after we waited for an hour and a half for world of color the first night. Kyle got cut out :(
Lightning McQueen!

It was a fabulous trip. Getting back to real life was a little difficult, especially with two huge tests this last week. Only one this week. Just remember, the world is a carousel of color! (carousel of color!) Hahahaha :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

another weekend, gone.

How is it already Sunday night?! I swear it was just Friday. But you know what they say, time flies when you're having fun!
Friday Hanna and I ate delicious Italian food at Cafe Paesan. It was super yummy. We also went and saw Tangled! I hadn't seen it yet and I loved it!! SO cute! I have decided that these:

will somehow be part of my wedding someday. (Yes, they really exist!)

We also played Carcassonne. It's this awesome game that Pete and Meghan gave me for playing at their ring ceremony. I believe we have a new obsession. And will be creating a score board shortly.

It got up to 58ยบ today!!! Hurrah for warmth!

...4 days til Disneyland with my family!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

happy day!

Last Monday, Hanna and I hid in a pine tree.
Very cute, I know. We were helping Skyler propose to Jocelyn! We hid the ring for him and then watched to make sure no one stole it. :)
It's crazy that I've know Jocelyn for almost three years now. We met in our freshman dorm. She was the first of our roommates I met and all I remember was thinking, "she is WAY shorter than I expected." Haha, but we became fast friends and have had awesome times ever since. :)
I've known of Skyler for a long time. We went to the same high school; he graduated a year before me. We had mutual friends but never really hung out. When he got home from his mission we hung out I think once over Christmas break with our mutual friends. Then he came to Provo and met Jocelyn And the rest is history :)
Anyway, I am SO happy for these two! And SO excited! :D
And, here they are :) Can't wait for the end of May! (and dress shopping because, as I've told Jocelyn, that's my favorite part)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the violin.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. When she was five years old her mom started teaching her the violin. It was a hard battle. She never wanted to practice and didn't do what her mom asked her to do. So, they found a friend who was having the same problem with her son and they switched children to teach. So this girl began learning from an amazing woman named Debbie. Practicing was still a battle. Lots of tears were shed and, quite frankly, this girl was a brat about it. But, 12 years later and she was still taking from Debbie. They all decided it was time to move on to another teacher. Next was a man, who had a serious personality clash with the girl. We can just skip that year or two and fast forward through the tears of being told she HAD to stop taking lessons because she wasn't practicing. Her next teacher was the absolutely incredibly Bonnie Romkey. She was one of a kind. The girl learned to be a performer, not just a violinist from her and enjoyed taking from her until she graduated from high school. Now this girl is in college and really misses playing her violin all the time like she used to. (have you figured out that it's me?) I REALLY miss performing like I used to and having an audition or performance to work towards. Sometimes I wonder why I didn't major in music. (because I love DNA too much.) But, I can always play the violin, like I do now, in orchestra! Violin is amazing and I just love it! :) So, here's to the memories, and many more to come!

young beginnings :)

this was my quartet at a music camp in 2005.

all-state orchestra 2007

BYU Symphony Orchestra 2009

Disneyland 2008

High School Senior Pictures 2008
Thanks Mom and Dad for putting up with my tantrums, tears, and screeching notes so I can enjoy playing today! :D