Saturday, February 5, 2011

happy day!

Last Monday, Hanna and I hid in a pine tree.
Very cute, I know. We were helping Skyler propose to Jocelyn! We hid the ring for him and then watched to make sure no one stole it. :)
It's crazy that I've know Jocelyn for almost three years now. We met in our freshman dorm. She was the first of our roommates I met and all I remember was thinking, "she is WAY shorter than I expected." Haha, but we became fast friends and have had awesome times ever since. :)
I've known of Skyler for a long time. We went to the same high school; he graduated a year before me. We had mutual friends but never really hung out. When he got home from his mission we hung out I think once over Christmas break with our mutual friends. Then he came to Provo and met Jocelyn And the rest is history :)
Anyway, I am SO happy for these two! And SO excited! :D
And, here they are :) Can't wait for the end of May! (and dress shopping because, as I've told Jocelyn, that's my favorite part)

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