Sunday, February 27, 2011

the world is a carousel of color!

(carousel of color!!)
How cool is THAT!? The World of Color show at California adventure is absolutely incredible. It was my favorite part of our Disneyland trip. It's a water show that has lots of shooting water like the picture and they project movie clips from almost every Disney movie on mists of water. Bubbles flew all over the audience during "Under the Sea" and Zurg was made completely of lasers. It was seriously the coolest thing I have ever seen. Totally worth waiting the first night for an hour and a half when they didn't do it because of wind and then another hour for the night we actually saw it. SO COOL! Everyone should see it before they die.

California Screamin'
In line for Toy Story Mania (SO fun!-I was the first one on the ride on Monday morning!)
being artsy at the beach.
this was after we waited for an hour and a half for world of color the first night. Kyle got cut out :(
Lightning McQueen!

It was a fabulous trip. Getting back to real life was a little difficult, especially with two huge tests this last week. Only one this week. Just remember, the world is a carousel of color! (carousel of color!) Hahahaha :)

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