Friday, October 18, 2013

North Carolina State Fair- aka Fried Food Heaven.

Tonight Jake and I went on an adventure to the NC State Fair, otherwise known as the heaven of all fried food. Please enjoy a picture journey of some of the things we saw.

A variety of fried food options...

I love how they have simply "fried dough."

We tried the red velvet oreos...
they were pretty good but didn't taste much like red velvet. And I was tired of them after one.

50 cent pickle (probably my favorite thing I ate) and this cool waterfall. 

We enjoyed a lot of people-watching. We especially liked this guy's mustache. 

We watched pigs, goats, and ducks race. This was another highlight of the day. The goats stopped in the middle of the race and tried to turn around. They were really cute. :)

For the Ettinger clan.....

We saw some really cool carved pumpkins. They were in the middle of the garden exhibits, which were GORGEOUS. That was my other favorite part. 

We also saw this HUGE pumpkin. The one in the middle is 800 pounds!!
 There were lots of other cool vegetables too. There was a watermelon that was 250 pounds.

And for you health nuts out there, don't worry, they had fresh vegetables too...

We had a lot of fun at the fair! Our favorites were definitely the gardens, flower arrangements, and pig races. And in my case, the pickles.