Friday, May 28, 2010

mowing the lawn.

St. George. The most beautiful place on this planet. I came home for my brothers' high school graduation. (crazy, I know) Today is GORGEOUS. It is sunny, about 80ยบ, and not too windy. I asked my mom weeks ago if I could mow the lawn when I was home. I LOVE to mow the lawn. There's something about smelling the freshly cut grass mixed with a slight smell of gasoline while pushing the mower in the beating sun that I absolutely love. Maybe it's because it reminds me of summer. Or those days my mom would be mowing the lawn while us kids pulled our bag of weeds for the day (although I hated those days). Or maybe it's just having a lawn to mow and being in a real house instead of an apartment. Regardless, it is awesome. Speaking of awesome things...check out this website: It's pretty cool. Tonight, my family and I are going to ride down Zion Canyon by moonlight on bikes. I'm stoked. We're going to ride up and wait until the shuttles are all done for the night and ride back down under the full moon. I'll post pictures. :) Life is beautiful, especially here in St. George.

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