Sunday, August 8, 2010


Well, dear readers, this week has been pretty fantastic. I love my life, friends, ward, work, and I am even beginning to love this town. Let me just give you a recap of this wonderful week. Hopefully you won't get too bored but I want to write it all down and since I am a terrible journal keeper I will write it here.
Sunday, August 1: We had the most incredible break the fast dinner imaginable. Navajo tacos, homemade root beer, watermelon, and extra scones with honeybutter. DELICIOUS. After break the fast some friends and I sat around talking for a good chunk of time and decided to throw a frisbee around and play some games. We played this game called telephone charades. It was hilarious. You have two teams and one team picks what the other team will act out. You then act out the thing for each individual person, passing it down, like telephone. We had some pretty awkward moments but it was great.
Monday: Work was eventful. A computer caught a little on fire and began smoking and smelled awful. That night was FHE. Evan and I had planned volleyball for our activity so we played a rousing game of sand volleyball and ate popsicles. After FHE, Rachelle, Heather, Heather, and I went running by the temple. It was great. After we ran we went to water Heather's brother's plants at his house and pick some apricots. We sat in front of his house and just looked at the beautiful temple. It was awesome- a perfect temperature and that high you get after running.
Tuesday: At work I extracted tissue from a bunch of shrimp that Heather got in the mail. It was pretty exciting. I sort of destroyed one of the guys though. :( oops. After work I went to the grocery store (I was getting incredibly low on food). And then...Super Mario on the Wii with Sarah and Rachelle. It was hilarious. We screamed, probably made ridiculous faces, and failed miserably at this game. But, it was super fun. Then, we went running again.
Wednesday: Again, Wednesdays usually are pretty rough. So when I got home from work I just sat around doing nothing. But then Sarah got home and told me to come make baseball cupcakes with her and Kaden for Rachelle's birthday! They were super cute. Very squiggly baseball lines but that's okay.
Thursday: Today we got live crayfish in the mail at work. Tannen got a little too curious and decided to let it pinch his glove. Of course, it began climbing to his finger and he screamed when it pinched him. It was pretty entertaining. Thursday night we had a party for Rachelle. It was filled with games, sugar, mario, and more sugar. It was great.
Friday: I played tennis with Tannen when we ditched work today. It was awesome tennis. I won but it was great. Then we went back to work and talked about molecular phylogenies. I also had a violin lesson which reminded me of just how much I LOVE the violin and playing it. A bunch of people ate at Pizza Pie Cafe and then we went to Ironman 2 in the dollar theater. It was a great movie.
Saturday: service project, Tucanos, and a pool party with a zipline into the pool.

All in all this week was incredible. I'm terribly sorry for the incredible length of this post and probably no one will read it but that's okay! Life is good and I am incredibly lucky. :)

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