Sunday, January 9, 2011

one week in.

One week into a new semester. I can't believe it's already 2011 and my SEVENTH semester at BYU. How crazy is that?! A year from now I will be starting my last semester at BYU. That's just crazy. I'm pretty much stoked for this semester. I'm taking a smaller class load which will be awesome and I already love most of my classes. My classes are:
  • Survey of World Religions (with Dr. Choi, the same guy who taught the class to my parents, he's pretty awesome)
  • Genetics of Human Disease (so far, the best class I've ever taken. I am SO excited.)
  • Genomics (interesting stuff, but I already know most of it so...yeah.)
  • Organic Chemistry (bleh.)
  • Orchestra (I'm super excited! I miss playing my violin)
  • Basic Conducting (a lot of arm waving.)
Along with work and trying to get a paper written, it'll be a great semester. :)

My family took our trip to Zion that is becoming a winter tradition. It was SPECTACULAR. I was going to upload pictures, but my computer is having a hard time. Next time, I will upload pictures and maybe I'll have skiing pictures too. :)

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