Saturday, April 9, 2011

weekends go so fast

I can never believe how fast weekends go! It's already Saturday night! I'm being SUPER exciting and doing homework, currently waiting for a 205 MB file to download. It's taking forever. We had Jocelyn's bridal shower today, it was super fun! Sarah's and Rachelle's were earlier this week and they were fun too! Yay for weddings!

So, in preparation for the bridal shower today, I was cleaning our apartment. I really hate vacuuming our floor because hair always gets stuck up in the vacuum and I don't like having to cut it out. So, I googled ways to get the hair up before vacuuming cuz let's face it, with three girls the hair is unavoidable (and I shed enough for 4 girls.) One site said to scrape across the floor with a rubber flip flop. I was skeptical. But, it worked WONDERFULLY! It was like magic! No more clogged vacuum! Hooray!

Also, my 21 birthday is on Monday. You'd think I would plan something incredibly exciting. But no, I'll go to work and school and FHE. Haha, woohoO! :)

Three days left of classes. Eight til I'm done with finals.

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