Sunday, September 12, 2010

a sunday full of important people.

Today was regional conference at the Marriot Center. The loaded program included President Snow (of the Seventy), President Packer, Elder Holland, and Sister Beck. It was so great. We learned about remembering, being better, having faith, and that these men we look up to have a great sense of humor. It was so awesome.

Then, the US Open final got postponed til tomorrow because of rain. :(

Then, we had a CES fireside that Hanna and I watched on tv at home. It was an interesting one. Elder Scott talked about marriage and his wife who passed away fifteen years ago. He told us that he felt sorry for those who hadn't had the opportunity to get married yet. Haha, I guess that means an apostle feels sorry for me... Here at BYU we've been having marriage thrown in our faces a lot more than normal. The devotional by President Samuelson mentioned marriage, my bishop is continuously plugging marriage and how we need to step it up, and now, Elder Scott. Woohoo for marriage!

And the rest of my Sunday was spent with Hanna, another important person. We sat and ate an entire bag of peanut butter m&ms and did homework. And randomly discussed life and our mutual fear of having children.

Sundays are grand.

I stole this picture off a friend's blog and it pretty much sums up how I feel about life right now. :)

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