Thursday, September 23, 2010

to do list.

  • study for physiology test (what I should be doing NOW)
  • write ORCA grant proposal
  • study for Stats test
  • memorize D&C section headings
  • make Ochem flashcards
  • do Ochem problem set
  • do Ochem chapter problems
  • read Ochem
  • begin to pray about Ochem test
  • research protein synthesis mechanisms
  • think about grad school and internships
  • read physiology
  • read papers about anomuran crabs
  • take antibiotic
  • eat
  • sleep
that's all I can remember for now. BUT, I actually enjoy every single thing on this list. Well, I don't really enjoy taking antibiotics since they make me a little loopy, but I do enjoy that they are slowly making me not sick. Life is amazing. Seriously, have you ever realized what your body does?!

Little known fact of the day: your body only stores 30-60 seconds of ATP (the thing that gives your cells energy to work). That means, at any second, you are a minute away from dying if your mitochondrial processes stop working. Makes you rethink the "live every moment" philosophy. CRAZY!

I love life. :]

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