Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I have been a blog slacker! Not as bad as Jocelyn though, she definitely takes the cake on that title. Speaking of cakes...Look at this one!!! (I have a new pastime- tumblr blog browsing; there are some AWESOME tumblrs out there) 
I think for my next birthday, I'd like one of these. 

My summer bucket list:
  • camping (check, but I'd like to go more)
  • hike Timp
  • hike Subway with awesome people
  • do at least one rappelling hike (maybe Mystery this year?)
  • Kneader's french toast (STILL haven't had it)
  • GATTACA movie night with the labbies.
  • rodeo (Saturday)
  • take the GRE (yuck.)
  • Harry Potter
  • see Tara's baby (to be born in mid July)
  • Seven Peaks
  • glow in the dark ultimate
  • any other fun and random thing I decide to do.
I love summer.

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