Thursday, November 11, 2010

my life, in picture form.

My life as of late:
Rachelle and I attempted to go to True Blue Football back in October. It was very rainy and cold, and we decided not to wait in the incredibly long line while the officials decided if it was okay for us to go in since there was lightning.

We went to the Cornbelly's corn maze! (minus Ashlie, who's taking the picture) It was super fun. There are better pictures but I haven't gotten them from Allie yet.
Girls night = lots of crazy pictures.

Halloween costume #1: hippie, barbie, and pippy longstocking.
This was for our ward dance party, it was SO fun!

Halloween costume #2: The road and road kill cat.

And finally, the popcorn adventure of Monday night. The finished product.
Hanna and I attempting to take a picture with the finished product. Self-portrait, obviously.
Shaking the popcorn covering it with peanut buttery-honey goodness.
Pouring the deliciousness. (Yes, I realize these are in backwards order, I don't know why that happens.)

Anyway, that is my life as of the last couple months. I finally uploaded pictures. This weekend will be pretty awesome. Basketball game, ultimate frisbee tournament, and playing tennis. Oh, and of course, procrastinating homework. :)

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