Friday, November 5, 2010

I am tired.

I am tired.
Tired of giving 150% and having it shoved back in my face saying, "Sorry Maren, you're still not good enough."
Tired of spending a very large chunk of time studying for a test.
Tired of spending Friday night in the testing center taking said test.
Tired of thinking I know 85% of the answers on this test as I am taking it.
Tired of looking at the blasted testing center screen and seeing that, evidently, that was not the case.
Tired of feeling completely worthless because, for some reason, I can't get above a C on a test in this freaking class.
I'm just tired.

Sometimes, when people tell you that you can't do something, it motivates you to try harder. Like, for instance, when Dr. Wilcox informed me that I would never succeed in the field of Genetics. It just made me want to prove him wrong. (which I do everyday when I walk past him in the hall at work) But, when you work your BUTTOCKS off, understand EVERYTHING, take a test and think you did decently, and then you see the score and it's CRAP. What is wrong with me. I hate this man's tests. He is out to trick you. Bah.

I apologize for the extreme frustration and negativity.

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  1. Dear blogger, sometimes, I know, you must wonder if people actually read this thing. They do. And, sometimes, they can relate very, very well. Thank you for sharing. And keep blogging.