Wednesday, March 31, 2010

beautiful bands.

If I had a picture I would put it here. But, I don't. I forgot to email it to myself. Today, I finally finished isolating one of the five genes I'm targeting for all of my 33 samples. SUCCESS!! The bands on the gel were so beautiful, in the right place on the gel. Now, I just have to sequence them and hope there's no contamination. Ribosomal gene 16S is finished. Well, until I get another batch of extractions. But hopefully that won't be for awhile. For this set I just have to finish H3, 28S, 18S, PEPCK, and possibly CO1. No biggie, right? And probably none of you very few readers have any idea what I'm talking about. Oh, well. I seriously am that big of a nerd. And proud of it! :)

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