Monday, March 29, 2010

simple acts.

"We are each called to reach out to others. On rare occasions that can happen on a grand scale. But most of the time it happens in simple acts of kindness of one person to another. Those are the events that really matter." -Francis S. Collins
This coming from a man who was head of the human genome project. The sole project that completely changed the course of science and the way we think about life as a whole. This man is incredible. He's now the director of the NSF (National Science Foundation). Today's "pearl" is this quote and the simple ways people serve others. Something as simple as saying thank you. Or doing the dishes. Or holding the door open. Or saying, "You know what, you CAN do this. Go for it!" Or by simply believing in you without having to say anything at all. (P.S. I know these aren't complete sentences, bear with me). Each day is filled with opportunities to reach out to others and truly change the world.

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