Thursday, March 25, 2010

when hard work pays off.

Yesterday and today were very long days. Yesterday I was finishing up my poster and today I presented it. But, it's a beautiful thing when hard work pays off. I felt like the poster session went really well. It was by no means perfect but it definitely was a really good experience and I learned a TON about phylogenentic analysis. It was awesome. The other posters were all really cool. I had no idea such diverse research was happening here. I mean, I knew there was a lot but there are ground-breaking things going on here! Here's a picture my awesome roommate support club took of me. Thanks for coming guys! :)

To end the day I went to a lecture by my mom's awesome tennis partner, Marilyn. She's a retired professor and was once the dean of graduate studies. She's so cute. Her lecture was really good and I went to say hi to her after which was fun. I love how she calls me 'kiddo.' Haha, she's a little grandmotherly, I love it. That's all for today. Over and out.

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