Tuesday, March 23, 2010

picture books.

Today was incredibly rough. I had class from 8-10 where the professor informed us that we were all terrible students and asked if he should just return to his office, only because we didn't understand an incredibly complicated figure in a cell biology paper. After class I went to work on my poster to present my research to find out that my data had crashed the program on the super computer and the poster printing machine was broken. After working that out I worked on the poster until physics at 12:30. Physics is hard. Enough said. Following physics I continued to work on my poster for several hours. I finally came up with an awesome title: "Dirt Diggers and Gourmet Dinners: Phylogenetic relationships of anomuran crabs (Decapoda)". Sweet, huh? Anyway, after all this I happened across this awesome picture book. It's cute :) And that my friends, is what is beautiful about today.

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