Sunday, March 28, 2010

lazy sundays.

I love Sundays. After church the day is just there to relax and enjoy a break from the busy schedule that school brings. Today was filled with many delightful little pearls. Hanna and I drew spring-y pictures with chalk on our apartment sidewalk with the chalk my mom sent me. We all ate delicious food cooked by Jocelyn, the next Julia Childs. Hanna, Joe, and I sat in the sun while doing our New Testament questions for class tomorrow. Then Joe invited us over for authentic food from Ghana with a bunch of his friends. It was DELICIOUS. And now, I'm sitting down to enjoy one of the best movies ever, "Stardust." The end to another awesome weekend that seems to have flown by entirely too fast. Someone once asked me what superpower I would want if I could have any? I said I had no idea. Her ideal superpower was to be able to control time. Genius, right? So, I've decided to steal that and have it be my new answer for ideal superpowers. But until then, I'll just live every minute for itself. :)

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