Tuesday, April 6, 2010

3 tennis sets.

Upon telling my mom about the horrendous three weeks ahead of me she informed me to look at it like three tennis sets...you're playing 3/5 and you have to win the first 3. Isn't she a genius? So, I am past the first game. 1-0. I took my last trip to the testing center for my microbiology class (before the final that is, and there's still an in-class test in addition to that) it was the 11th time for that class. 90% on my final "diseases of the day" quiz. Almost good enough for a compliment from the TV screen but definitely good enough for me. I get to visit the testing center two more times this week and my take-home cell bio final is due next Tuesday. Then classes end and the real finals start. Yay school! In all reality, I love school. I always have since about first grade. Granted, there was a large part of middle/high school that I was supremely bored in classes but I have always LOVED to learn. Every subject fascinates me (excluding English, sorry Jocelyn). I just absolutely love learning and increasing that jumble of knowledge up in my brain. I especially love hands on stuff. That's probably why I've always loved lab classes. They are by far my favorite. And working in a lab is the bomb. That's all for today. Hopefully by the end of the night I'll be up 2-0 and finish my physics paper.

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