Friday, April 9, 2010

random conversations.

I came to the library this morning to study for my disgusting cell biology midterm and work on the take home final. But, alas! here I am blogging instead. I had a most interesting conversation on my way to the library, as I was walking up the hill to campus. It went something like this:
Me: *huge yawn*
Some random guy probably in his late 50s, walking behind me: "Still tired, huh?"
Me: "Haha, yeah."
Guy: "You know someone doesn't think anyone's watching when they have a huge, mouth-wide open yawn without covering their mouth."
Me: "Yeah, true story."
Guy: "Kind of like picking your nose. We all do it but we just do it secretly. I've found the best place is in the elevator."
Me: "Yeah, that seems like a good place."
Guy: "No chance of getting caught. So, what are you studying?" (I was holding a stack of flashcards)
Me: "Cell biology."
Guy: "Ah, when you're studying those organelles don't forget to look at the forest."
Me: "Okay."
Guy: "When I was in a cell/development class in graduate school we had a teacher ask us why humans were made with membranous organelles and such organized structures. We all went into deep explanations when all he really wanted was for us to say, 'Because we are.'"
Then he walked into the Widtsoe and I continued to the library, with my day thoroughly brightened.

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