Monday, April 12, 2010

ice cream cake.

Look for the silver lining. The light at the end of the tunnel. The rainbow after a rain storm. My day has been looooooong. But, in the middle of it at 3:00 in room 601 of the Widtsoe building there was my silver lining, sitting on the table begging me to eat it. It was the most amazing ice cream cake I have ever seen in my entire life. A thick layer of brownie-ish cake on the bottom then a thin layer of chocolate fudge frosting then another deliciously thick layer of mint chocolate chip ice cream. The whole thing was about six inches tall and although it was impossibly hard to cut it was absolutely delicious. The reason for this gift from heaven? Her name is Maegan. She is the lab manager of Dr. Crandall's lab. Today was the last lab meeting of the semester and we were celebrating. About two months ago Maegan told me she made an ice cream cake over the weekend. I informed her that I was incredibly impressed and jokingly said I would like one for myself. She asked when my birthday was and after I told her she informed me she would make one for the last lab meeting. I honestly didn't expect her to remember. But, Maegan the amazing came through and made a delicious cake for all of us to eat. We were celebrating a number of things in lab meeting today including: Dave's wedding at the end of the month, Dohyup's wedding at the end of the month, Jesse's baby is due at the end of the month, my birthday, the end of the semester, Jeff going to WashU and will be the only BYU grad in the bioinformatics program, and the fact that we are all pretty much amazing.

Oh, another amazing little pearl in my day was the shirt I wore. My incredible roommates gave it to me for my birthday. It says "LOVE" and the "O" is a heart colored like the earth with one of the little alien guys from Toy Story behind it. (Yes, I turned 20 but I'm still a kid at heart) It is AWESOME.

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