Friday, April 16, 2010

the sun

I am a sun-loving kind of girl. I love doing things outside and get stir crazy very quickly if I'm inside too long. My favorite activities in life all happen outside. Aside from school, lab work, board games, and movie watching (all of which I enjoy immensely) everything else I love is outside. Yesterday evening was wonderful. I got home and went running and ended up in the park where the ward was having a closing social-type thing. I threw around a frisbee for about forty minutes then we got enough people to play 4-on-4 ultimate. It has been ENTIRELY too long since I played ultimate. It is an incredible sport. One point my teammate went to throw it to me near the endzone and he threw it quite a ways over my head so I was sprinting for it as it got closer and closer to the needles of a pine tree. About a foot or two above the ground I snagged it amongst the pine branches. It was awesome. There is something satisfying about accomplishing something that no one expected you to do. Earning my place as a decent ultimate player we continued to play a marvelous game. The sun is amazing. Without it life itself could not happen here on this awesome little globe we call Earth. I am SO glad the sun has decided to show it's smiling face and I hope it stays for a long time. I can't handle any more snow.

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